Welcome to our new Blog posts!

We are very excited to add this new blogging feature to our site!


Here we want to cover topics such as tips and tricks of ultra low power GPS technologies, links to smart ideas and news on the latest and greatest products.


From time to time, we will invite guest bloggers to share their insights. For that matter, if you are interested with sharing your view to the world, please let us know at info@basebandtech.com. Hopefully, we will share broader and wider perspectives through our posts over time.


Our goal for this blog is to be a source of conversation and inspiration for those who are interested in making Instant Position for Anything that Moves. Why? Because GPS is our passion and it extends far beyond 5pm of our lives! We are eager to educate and share with the world in what we know about it.


One wonderful feature of this blog site is that you can subscribe by email, which ensures that you will receive every post in your inbox. You can find that option in the bottom of this page.


If there are topics or areas of interest that you would like to see, please drop us a line.



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